Embedded Intelligent System Laboratory


Lab Name and Affiliation

Embedded Intelligent System Laboratory

National Yunlin University of Science & Technology

Lab Director (or Principal Investigator)

Chien-Chou Lin
Path Planning of Robots
3-D Object Shape Matching
Embedded System

1. Embedded System
2. Path Planning of Robots
3. Machine Vision
4. Artificial Intelligence
5. Formation Control of Swarm Robot

Lab Introduction

Introduction and Description:
The laboratory was established in our laboratory in February 2009, the main objective is to combine the latest information on software and circuit design techniques, with focus on the development of embedded systems, supplemented by practical needs of the industry, develop expertise in embedded intelligent systems for students to become with hardware and software systems integration professionals.

The main tool for embedded systems research and development capabilities and robot path planning theoretical basis and practical ability, and can integrate robotics and embedded systems, to have machine vision, artificial intelligence, real-time service and other functions

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