Research Institute of Communication Technology


Lab Name and Affiliation

Research Institute of Communication Technology

Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China

Lab Director (or Principal Investigator)

Prof. Jingming Kuang was born in Yiyang of Hunan Province in July, 1943. He is a professor of BIT, an expert of communication and electronic system, and also a doctoral supervisor. He received the Master degree of engineering in Information and Signal Processing major from BIT in Oct. 1981 and received the PhD degree from communication technology lab, Department of Electricity, Berlin Technology University, Germany in May, 1988. In Aug. 1993, he became the vice-president of BIT and the vice-dean of graduate school. From July of 1999 to August of 2007, he had been the President of BIT and the dean of graduate school. Prof. Kuang? research interests include theory and techniques of wireless communication and digital signal processing. He has taken charge of a great variety of national scientific projects and received great awards due to his outstanding contributions. He has published more than 120 academic papers and 2 monographs. Prof. Kuang has cultivated about 82 master students, 42 Ph.D. students and 3 post doctors. He is the vice director of Chinese Institute of Weapon Industry and a member of subject evaluation of National Department Degree Council. Prof. Kuang is the chief editor of the "Degrees and Educations of graduate student" magazine. He is also the vice director of communication branch of Chinese electronic society as well as a member of Beijing government professional consultant committee. He has successively won the following honorary awards: excellent returnee from abroad, national outstanding scholar with extraordinary achievements, outstanding scholar of national defense department and so on. He was awarded the honorary Ph.D. degree of Samara State Aerospace University, Russia in 2002 and the honorary Ph.D. degree of Stevens Institute of Technology in 2004. And he was awarded the honorary professor of the West of England University in 2004.

Lab Introduction

Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) has established cooperation with Sweden Ericsson Company in the field of digital mobile communication since 1996. In 1997, when Sweden Premier Minister Parson made a visit to China, this international cooperation between BIT and Ericsson was included in the China-Sweden governmental cooperation MoU and was recognized and supported by both governments. 1997 -1999, the first phase of cooperation between both sides launched and it aimed at GSM voice and data transmission technology. The research achievements were highly appraised by experts from Ericsson. Based on this, BIT-Ericsson Research Center of Digital Communication Technology (RCDCT) was founded on Nov 15th, 1999. The Research Center focuses on the activities of the key techniques of Third Generation Mobile Communication (3G), Chinese Speech Recognition and its application. The director of the center is the previous president of BIT, Professor Kuang Jingming, a famous expert on mobile communication. In 2005, the two sides signed the 2005-2010 long-term cooperation agreement and focused on the key technologies of the evolution of 3G digital mobile communication and 4G digital mobile communication systems. Both sides keep a long-term cooperation on digital mobile communication and have benefited from the periodical academic exchange between RCDCT and Ericsson. This international cooperation has promoted the scientific cooperation and exchange of both China and Sweden.

The main research directions include the following fields: the theory and key techniques of mobile communication system, wide-band radio access, speech and multimedia signal processing, and so on. Great achievements have been gained in the field of wide-band mobile communication theory and key techniques, more than 180 academic papers have been published in domestic and international academic publications and conferences, and 2 monographs and 1 international patent were released, and 107 research reports were submitted. The Research Center has set up an audio lab meeting the requirements of ITU standards, and was authorized as an international voice coding technology evaluation center in 2006 by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). BIT has fulfilled the ITU-T voice testing program in November 2006 and the 3GPP IP voice dialogue testing program in August 2007. BIT is the only center from China, but also is the only university involved in this international testing. Through 13 years of cooperation, RCDCT has become a famous base of scientific research and international academic exchange on mobile communication in China.

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