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On behalf of the organizing committee, it is with great delight that I welcome you to APSIPA Annual Summit and Conference (ASC) 2010 and to vibrant Singapore, a country that demonstrates an unparalleled commitment to scientific research and development. With the national vision of a knowledge-based economy for the continued creation of intellectual capital, the last decade has witnessed the transformation of this small island into a technological epicenter capable of attracting top talents not just from Asia, but from all over the world. In APSIPA ASC 2010, I am honored to share with you a humble manifestation of this vision.

Building on the success enjoyed by the inaugural ASC held last year in Sapporo, Japan, APSIPA ASC 2010 will feature student symposiums, forum discussion session, together with the customary poster, special and regular sessions, keynote addresses, panel discussion as well as free tutorial sessions. Since its inception two years ago, APSIPA aims to promote various aspects of research and education in signal processing, information technology as well as communication. In line with this endeavor, APSIPA ASC 2010 will showcase research contributions and technological breakthroughs from diverse fields of signal processing, ranging from graphics and videos to areas in biomedical research and forensics. Over 300 outstanding papers have been received, which were evaluated by a rigorous review and selection process. This resulted in about 23.4% of the papers being accepted for the oral sessions, highlighting our emphasis on a stringent selection process for the assurance of quality in the submissions. These submissions, together with more than 300 registrations from all over the world, allow APSIPA ASC 2010 to demonstrate a unique convergence of remarkable ideas from the various facets of signal and information processing technology.

For these, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to all contributing authors and convey my heartfelt appreciation to reviewers and participants alike, for their part in what looks to be a highly memorable event. In particular, I gratefully acknowledge the highly commendable efforts of the organizing committee members from the outset of the initial planning stages. Throughout an entire year, they have demonstrated exceptional capabilities in executing their respective tasks which include publicizing the event, inviting renowned speakers, engaging supporting organizations, calling for papers and reviewing them, as well as arranging the eventual technical program. The high levels of cohesion and synergy displayed by the committee throughout the entire process must have been truly inspirational for each individual, and these have culminated in a conference program which, in my belief, promises a deeply insightful and thoroughly exciting experience for the benefit, enjoyment, and fulfillment of all.

Welcome to APSIPA ASC 2010.

Susanto Rahardja
Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR,
General Chairs,
Benjamin Wah
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,


Welcome to Singapore for the 2nd APSIPA Annual Summit and Conference, which is held at Biopolis, Singapore's landmark research complex. This year, we received 329 paper submissions, which exceeded that of the first APSIPA ASC held in 2009. We are pleased to see a healthy growth in research across the Asia-Pacific region in the past year.

The 329 submissions consisted of 205 regular papers, 39 student papers and 85 special session papers. We have accepted 127 out of the 205 regular papers in the main conference, with an oral presentation acceptance rate of 23.4% and overall acceptance rate of 62% in main conference. We have also accepted 72 out of 85 special session papers for oral presentation.

We would like to start by expressing our thanks to everyone who submitted their work. This year's conference is made possible by the hard work of many people. Our deepest thanks go to the 37 track chairs and 332 exceptional reviewers across the international research community for their dedicated efforts. We would like to thank the Special Session Chairs, Alexander C. Loui and Susanne Boll; Panel Chairs C. -C. Jay Kuo and Mohan Kankanhalli; Tutorial Chairs Pasi Franti, King Ngi Ngan and Daniel Racoceanu; and Forum Chairs H.-Y. Mark Liao and Lin-shan Lee for organizing the exciting events. We greatly appreciate the timely response and enthusiasm of the technical program committee.

APSIPA ASC 2010 is unique in many ways, yet we continue the conference's tradition. The conference is organized into nine oral regular sessions, thirteen oral special sessions, five poster sessions and two overview paper sessions. It is worth noting that for the first time, a Student Symposium has been specially organized during APSIPA ASC 2010 to promote student research activities in the region. The Student Symposium creates a platform for student authors to report ongoing research and exploratory activities.

APSIPA ASC 2010 presents three panel sessions to foster strong relationship with both academia and industry. It also features two keynote speeches by renowned speakers, Prof. Dr. -Ing Jörn Ostermann and Prof. Oussama Khatib.

We are excited by the comprehensive scientific program. The program reflects a healthy balance of a high standard collection coupled with a wide participation from the Asia Pacific research community. We look forward to learning more about their research discoveries during the conference.

Haizhou Li
Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR,
Shri Narayanan
University of Southern California,
Nam Ling
Santa Clara University,
Eliathamby Ambikairajah
University of New South Wales,
Zhi Ning Chen
Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR,