APSIPA is an emerging association to promote broad spectrum of research and education activities in signal and information processing. The interest of APSIPA encompasses but not limited signal and information processing, recognition, classification, communication, networking, computing, system design and implementation, security, and technology with applications to scientific, engineering, health, and social areas.

Recent News:

APSIPA Newsletter - Issue 23 [posted on 29 Nov 2019]

2020-2021 APSIPA Election Result Announcement [posted on 2 Nov 2019]

  • Kosin Chamnongthai is elected as the VP - Conference (2020-2021)
  • Seishi Takamura is elected as the VP íV Industrial Relations and Development (2020-2021)
  • Yoshinobu Kajikawa is elected as the VP íV Member Relations and Development (2020-2021)
  • Kenneth K.M. Lam is elected as the VP íV Publications (2020-2021)

APSIPA BoG Members Election Result [posted on 2 Nov 2019]

  • 3-year term (2020-2022)
    • Waleed H. Abdulla
    • Mingyi He
    • Kazuya Takeda
  • 1-year term (2020):
    • Sanghoon Lee

APSIPA Newsletter - Issue 22 [posted on 21 Oct 2019]

APSIPA Newsletter - Issue 21 [posted on 3 Oct 2019]

Year 2018 Fall APSIPA Industrial Distinguished Leaders [updated on 27 Jul 2019]

  • Wenjun Zeng, Sr. Principal Research Manager, Microsoft Research Asia
  • Yunqu Leon Liu, President, Viscore Technologies
  • Qingxiong Yang, CEO, MoonX
  • Bowen Zhou, VP, JD.com

APSIPA Newsletter - Issue 20 [posted on Jul 2019]

APSIPA Newsletter - Issue 19 [posted on 1 Apr 2019]

APSIPA Newsletter - Issue 18 [posted on 12 Feb 2019]

Year 2018 Spring APSIPA Industrial Distinguished Leaders [updated on 19 Feb 2019]

  • Jing Xiao, Chief Scientist, PingAn Insurance Group
  • Jianle Chen, VP, America Media Lab of Huawei Technologies
  • Samir N. Hulyalkar, VP, Dolby Labs
  • Jungwon Lee, VP, Samsung SoC Lab
  • Shan Liu, VP and General Manager, Tencent Media Lab

APSIPA ASC 2019 Call for Paper [posted on 26 Nov 2018]

APSIPA Election Result [posted on 12 Nov 2018]

  • C.N. Lee is elected as the VP íV Technical Activities (2019-2020)

APSIPA BoG Members Election Result [posted on 1 Nov 2018]

  • 3-year term (2019-2021, from now to the end of APSIPA ASC 2021):
    • Min Wu,
    • Chung-Hsien Wu,
    • Hiroshi Saruwatari,
    • Kai-Kuang Ma
  • 1-year term (2019):
    • Mingyi He

APSIPA Election Result [posted on 15 Oct 2018]

  • Anthony Kuh is elected as the President-elect (2019-2020)
  • Woon-Seng Gan is elected as the VP – Institutional Relations and Education Program (2019-2020)

APSIPA Sadaoki Furui Prize Paper Award [posted on 15 Oct 2018]

ATSIP has now been accepted for inclusion in the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI). This is a new database in the Web of Science Core Collection from Thomson Reuters. ESCI complements other Thomson Reuters indexes by providing earlier visibility for sources under evaluation as part of the Science Citation Index (SCI).

More information on the ESCI can be found here: http://wokinfo.com/products_tools/multidisciplinary/esci/


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