APSIPA is an emerging association to promote broad spectrum of research and education activities in signal and information processing. The interest of APSIPA encompasses but not limited signal and information processing, recognition, classification, communication, networking, computing, system design and implementation, security, and technology with applications to scientific, engineering, health, and social areas.

Recent News:

APSIPA ASC 2016 will be held in December 13-16, 2016, in Jeju, South Korea

The newly elected members are as follows:

1) VP Conferences: Prof Thomas Fang Zheng
2) VP Industrial Relations and Development: Prof Shan Liu
3) VP Member Relations and Development: Prof Kin-Man Lam, Kenneth
4) VP Publications: Prof Tatsuya Kawahara
5) VP Technical Activities: Prof Anthony Kuh

1) Mrityunjoy Chakraborty
2) Homer H. Chen
3) Hsueh-Ming Hang
4) Yoshinobu Kajikawa
5) Kazuya Takeda
6) Toshihisa Tanaka

Year 2015 APSIPA Industrial Distinguished Leaders

Chung-Min Chen, VP, Telcordia, USA
Lawrance Loh, President, MediaTek USA Inc., USA
Nikhil Balram, President & CEO, Ricoh Innovations, USA
Yasunori Mochizuki, VP, NEC, Japan
Yi Hao, CEO, GWC, China

APSIPA Newsletter - Issue 10
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All papers in the APSIPA ASC 2014 Conference Proceedings are now accessible in IEEE Xplore and the APSIPA website here.


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