APSIPA is an emerging association to promote broad spectrum of research and education activities in signal and information processing. The interest of APSIPA encompasses but not limited signal and information processing, recognition, classification, communication, networking, computing, system design and implementation, security, and technology with applications to scientific, engineering, health, and social areas.

Recent News:
  Call for Nominations of Members-at-Large for the Board of Governors (BoG Members)

According to APSIPA Bylaws, BoG Members are elected by direct vote of the voting Members of the Association. One third of BoG Members will be elected annually. Current BoG Members who are completing their first term can stand for second term re-election. In 2015, 6 BoG Members will complete their term of service 2013-2015. APSIPA now calls for nomination of BoG Members from all members of the Association. We will elect 6 BoG Members, the four nominees who receive the highest number of votes will serve for a term of 3 years (2016-2018) while the next two will serve for a term of 1 year (2016).

The Board would like to take this opportunity to thank Kiyoharu Aizawa and Anthony Kuh who have served as BoG Members for two terms. They will retire as BoG Members by end of 2015. The Board would also like to thank Mrityunjoy Chakraborty, Homer Chen, Hsueh-Ming Hang and Tomoaki Ohtsuki for having served as BoG Members for their first term. They are eligible for re-election.

Please submit your nomination form to the Secretary Bonnie Law at email: ennflaw@polyu.edu.hk by 15 November 2015. The election is supervised by the Award and Election Committee chaired by the Past-President Prof. C.C. Jay Kuo. The nominees must be members of the Association who have agreed to serve if elected. Next is the timeline of election.

1) Nomination Period: 11/1-11/15
2) Election Period: 11/16-11/30
3) Announcement: 11/30

By nominating a candidate, you can help APSIPA to continue to advance its mission to promote broad spectrum of research and education activities in signal and information processing in Asia Pacific. With a strategic plan and many new initiatives on the horizon, APSIPA needs and welcomes the enthusiastic participation of its members to become BoG Members to lead the efforts.

(Please click here to download nominations form)

Many thanks for your active participation in the election of APSIPA VPs. We are happy to announce the following results:

1) VP Conferences: Prof Thomas Fang Zheng
2) VP Industrial Relations and Development: Prof Shan Liu
3) VP Member Relations and Development: Prof Kin-Man Lam, Kenneth
4) VP Publications: Prof Tatsuya Kawahara
5) VP Technical Activities: Prof Anthony Kuh

Thank you very much for your attention.

APSIPA ASC 2015 will be held in December 16-19, 2015, in Hong Kong

APSIPA Newsletter - Issue 10
(Please click here to download a smaller-size version of this issue)

All papers in the APSIPA ASC 2014 Conference Proceedings are now accessible in IEEE Xplore and the APSIPA website here.

APSIPA announces the appointment of following 10 Distinguished Lecturers for 2014-2015:

Cho, Nam Ik, Seoul National University, Korea
Do, Minh N., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Gan, Woon-Seng, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Hong, Yao-Win, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
Lee, Tan, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Leelarasmee, Ekachai, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Lin, Chia-Wen, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
Ling, Nam, Santa Clara University, USA
Shinoda, Koichi, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Wang, Hsin-Min, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

The Distinguished Lecturers will tour in Asia Pacific in 2014-2015 to promote the research and development of signal and information processing as APSIPA's ambassadors.


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