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Call for Establishing APSIPA Local Chapters

APSIPA starts Local Chapter system from the beginning of 2020. If you are interested in establishing a local chapter in your region, please see the guideline and submit the application form to APSIPA Head quarter and VP Membership Relations and Development.

APSIPA Local Chapters

APSIPA spans more than 20 countries in Asia-Pacific region, but local Chapters serve APSIPA members by holding meetings at the local level. If you're interested in connecting with professionals, academics and students in your region, getting involved locally provides exciting opportunities for networking, research, and project collaboration with others.

Chapters are constituted by a minimum of ten active members, and are established by application to APSIPA.

APSIPA offers unique benefits to individual groups, including industry, students and young professionals, and women in APSIPA, and numerous specialized events throughout the year.

For more details, please see the guideline of APSIPA Local Chapters. If you want to establish a local chapter in your region, please fulfill the application form and submit it to APSIPA Headquarter and VP Membership Relations and Development.

APSIPA Chapter Operation Manual
APSIPA Chapter Application Form

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