LA&A Hearing and Speech Lab


Lab Name and Affiliation

LA&A Hearing and Speech Lab

Jimei Univerisity and Austar hearing science and technology Co., Ltd.

Lab Director (or Principal Investigator)

Weiqian Liang, Ph.D, Associate professor of Jimei University. I received my Ph.D. from Tsinghua University. I have been with Jimei University since September 2012. I was an Assistant Professor with Tsinghua University from July 2006 to August 2012. I'm now also director and CTO of Austar hearing science and technology Co., Ltd. At Jimei, I lead the Hearing and Speech Group to research hearing and speech related algorithms and their implementation on ultra-low power DSP. Our recent research focus has been on hearing aid algorithms and systems. I am a senior member for Chinese Institute of Electronics. I am a committee member of National Conference on Man-Machine Speech Communication.

Lab Introduction

The task of Hearing and Speech lab is to research the perception of sound, mechanisms of normal hearing and hearing impairments, design and develop of signal processing algorithms for hearing aids and speech enhancement applications; implement of signal processing algorithms based on ultra-low DSP platform; design and specification of hearing devices. Our lab is now cooperated with Austar hearing science and technology Co., Ltd, and the only third-part algorithm and embedded software partner of ON Semiconductor in China. We have successfully developed adaptive wide dynamic range compression, adaptive directional microphone, active feedback cancellation, adaptive echo cancellation, oscillation detection, environmental noise reduction, impulsive noise reduction, wind noise reduction, frequency compression, spectrum contrast enhancement, and natural sound tinnitus masking algorithms.

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