STU MNT&IS Institute


Lab Name and Affiliation

STU MNT&IS Institute

Department of Computer Science, Collage of engineering , Shantou University

Lab Director (or Principal Investigator)

Prof. Dr. Weihong Cai
Prof. Dr. Weihong Cai currently works as professor at Computer Science Department, Faculty of Engineering, Shantou University. He is also China Computer Federation on behalf of the tenth member of Congress, members of the HPC Professional Committee of China Computer Federation, Shantou City Computer Society The chairman and vice chairman of Shantou City Youth Association of Science and Technology, Shantou City informatization leading Group expert Advisory Group members, Shantou City Confidential Committee of experts. Long been engaged in network and communications, information security research and teaching in academic journals and international conferences authority has published over 30 academic articles, including articles by EI and SCI. Presided over the commitment of more than 20 research projects, involving other countries, provincial and municipal and local levels.

Lab Introduction

Shantou University "modern network technology and Information Security Institute" is a research institution under the leadership of Professor Weihong Cai, long engaged in networking and communications technology, information security, network management and computer applications research work, now assuming the responsibility of a number of national and provincial research projects and local cooperation projects, projects involving cloud computing, DRM, triple play and more.

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